DYLAN, Bob: Both Ends of the Rainbow, 1978-1989

DYLAN, Bob: Both Ends of the Rainbow, 1978-1989


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Bob Dylan: Both Ends of the Rainbow (1978-1989)

Year of Production: 2008
Playing Time: 02:21:07
Catalogue Number: CVIS603
UPC: 823564513195

By the end of 1978 most music fans - whether dedicated worshippers, casual listeners or outright dissenters - knew that Bob Dylan was nothing if not unpredictable. But nobody could have guessed what was coming next.

Dylan's adherence to Christian fundamentalism - and the three albums he released and shows he performed in its wake - assisted greatly in making the 1980s his most controversial decade. Loved by some, detested by others, Bob both lost and gained fans via this change of faith and the single-minded beliefs he now appeared to hold. But by 1984 his views had softened somewhat, and during the rest of the decade he largely released albums and performed gigs of mixed quality, though they generally featured standout tracks - many now revered as Dylan classics - amongst the less inspired cuts.

But despite it all, this period of Dylan's life and career is one of the most controversial, fascinating and misunderstood of all. This film reviews the years from late 1978 to the release of 1989's Oh Mercy - an album that was seen by many as a huge return to form. With the aid of rare Dylan footage, live and studio versions of the most pivotal songs, exclusive interviews with his closest allies from that time, contributions from Dylan experts, biographers and other commentators, this film provides the most detailed document of the 1980s according to Bob Dylan ever made.

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