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Traditional - Composer
Vivaldi, Antonio - Composer
Stanko, Tomasz - Composer

Venue: Landesschule Pforta
Date of Concert: 09-2002
Playing Time: 01:22:00
Television Director: Beyer, Michael
Producer: Smaczny, Paul
Catalogue Number: EUROARTS5212
UPC: 0880242521293

This unusual Christmas video presents the musical encounter between soprano Angelika Kirchschlager and jazz trumpeter Tomasz Stanko. Recorded live in the picturesque Cistercian Gothic monastery Schulpforte in Saxony-Anhalt, the concert footage is combined with charming motifs of snowy mountain landscapes and cities decorated for Christmas. Favourite Christmas compositions from the classical repertoire are combined with popular carols and jazzy improvisations – and it all sounds like Christmas! Angelika Kirchschlager currently ranks among the most sought-after sopranos worldwide for both opera and concert-hall performance and Tomasz Stanko enjoys a reputation as one of the most creative jazz trumpeters alive. The soloists are accompanied by the outstanding Freiburg Baroque Orchestra. The Leipzig a cappella ensemble Amarcord, former members of St. Thomas's Boys Choir, sing popular Christmas tunes.

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