ROSSINI, G.: Petite messe solennelle (Chailly)


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- (Disc 1)

Petite messe solennelle

Venue: Gewandhaus, Leipzig
Date of Concert: 11-2008
Playing Time: 01:24:14
Television Director: Beyer, Michael
Catalogue Number: EUROARTS5742

On the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the composer's death, crowds gathered at the Leipziger Gewandhaus to witness a world-class performance of one of Rossini's two large-scale, major choral works: The Petite Messe solennele. Riccardo Chailly - whose "genius for the Rossini style has ripened in the years" (Gramophone) - leads a spectacular ensemble of four internationally renowned singers, the combined forces of the Choir of the Leipzig Opera and the Gewandhaus Choir, and the Gewandhaus Orchestra; their harmonious, ethereal rendition receieves a heartfelt ovation that affirms the beguiling effect of the last of Rossini's "sins of old age."

Part 1

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