OFFENBACH, J.: Belle Helene (La) [Opera] (Chatelet, 2000)

OFFENBACH, J.: Belle Helene (La) [Opera] (Chatelet, 2000)


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- (Disc 1)
La belle Helene

Venue: Theatre du Chatelet, Paris
Playing Time: 02:07:01
Catalogue Number: MID13244391


La Belle Helene, Jacques Offenbach's 1864 three-act opera bouffe, unfolds just prior to the Trojan War. Offenbach opens with the goddess Venus promising to procure Helen's love for Paris, through Calchas, the High Priest of Jupiter. He subsequently weaves the tale of Paris' seduction of Helen and the virulent chagrin of her husband, Menelaus.

The production of Offenbach's opera by The Theatre Musicale de Paris, Chatelet features a libretto co-written and adapted by Henri Meilhac and Ludovic Halevy. Dame Felicity Lott portrays Helen, Yann Beuron is Paris, Michel Senechal is Menelaus, and Francois Le Roux plays Calchas. Les Musiciens du Louvre and the Chorus of the Musiciens du Louvre provide musical accompaniment.

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