OLIVEIRA, J.: As Malibrans (Ensemble Jocy de Oliveira, 2000)


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- (Disc 1)
As Malibrans
Libretto/Text Author: Oliveira, Jocy de

Set/Stage Designer: Rollemberg, Doris
Costume Designer: Miranda, Jefferson
Lighting Designer: Machado, Renato
Stage Director: Oliveira, Jocy de
Television Director: Bariviera, Plinio
Television Director: Oliveira, Jocy de

Date of Production: 12-2000
Venue: Teatro Carlos Gomes, Rio de Janerio
Catalogue Number: VIDVD0042

As Malibrans brings up the dark side of a diva, her voice and her role as an opera personage.

In the great majority of traditional opera librettos, the female personage is always destined to submission or condemned to death. Through opera history and also in real life, these "divas" with their divine voices, fantasized as goddesses, were often driven to lose their sanity.

As Malibrans does not present a linear narration; however, a great part of reconstructed images are based on the cult figure of Maria Malibran. She becomes the archetype of the theme and represents a new type of woman born before 1830.

Bonus features:

- The Making of As Malibrans
- Noturno de um piano
- Revenge of Medea
- Nenhuma mulher civilizada faria isso

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